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Football in Coxhoe

There has been a long standing tradition of association football in the village of Coxhoe, dating back to the latter part of the 19th Century and the early part of the 20th century. Like most villages in County Durham sport was an important aspect of life for men who worked hard throughout the day and played hard on a weekend.
Coxhoe could boast a number of teams during the early years of the 20th Century teams being based in Coxhoe Pottery, Coxhoe Pottery, Coxhoe St Mary's and Coxhoe United.
Coxhoe Athletic FC has it's origins in the Steetley FC football team. Steetley Lime Company were a large limestone quarrying company whose headquarters were in Derbyshire but had an operation in Coxhoe. Like all large companies of the era they had a thriving sports and social club of which football played a large part. Steetley had their own football and cricket field and when the company closed it's operation in the 1970's Coxhoe Athletic took over the running of the footballing side.
Throughout the previous years Coxhoe Athletic have played in the Auckland and District league, the Durham Alliance and latterly the Wearside league.

Club Honours :
Auckland League Division Two Cup Winners 1977/78
Durham Hospital Cup Winners 1987/88, 1991/92
Darlington Charity Cup Winners 1989/90
Auckland Charity Cup Winners 1996/97
Weardale Cup Winners 2002/03
Durham Alliance League Winners 2002/03, 2003/04

Both Coxhoe Athletic and Coxhoe United are still in existence today currently at youth level, whilst Coxhoe Red Lion FC play in Sunday League

The team that has endured the longest out of all those that have come and gone has been Coxhoe Athletic but even it has struggled at a senior level in recent years and now hosts the reserve team of Spennymoor Town FC at Beechfield Park, which was once the former home of Steeley Sports Club, as well as Coxhoe Athletic.


Coxhoe Football Photo Gallery
Coxhoe Long Row
Church of England School 1909-10
Unknown Coxhoe Team 1921/22
Coxhoe Pottery Rangers
Coxhoe United 1924/25
Coxhoe St Marys 1929/30
Cornforth Lane Albion
Coxhoe Athletic 1950's
Steetley Sports Club 1959/60
1950s coxath70s juniors
Coxhoe team 1950's
Coxhoe Athletic 1970's
Coxhoe Juniors 1970's
cox2 cox3 cox4
Coxhoe Athletic 1970's
Coxhoe Athletic 1970's
Coxhoe Athletic 1970's

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If you are able to put names to faces on any of the images, particularly the older ones then please get in touch with the History group via our Contact Us facility. We would be very pleased to hear from you and would appreciate any information that helps expand our knowledge of footballing history in Coxhoe

Amongst the older generation of players who played the game at local level were, Ernie Woods and Jack Elcoat, both of whom live in Coxhoe. Articles written by John Hepplewhite can be found by following the links provided below, along with a piece about Cassop Victoria Football club whom both Ernie and Jack played for.

Ernie Woods

Jack Elcoat

Cassop Victoria Football Club

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