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From time to time people who have a connection with Coxhoe be it through family research, or living relatives, or simply want more information, contact us via the website.

We try to help everyone who contacts us with a question or an observation. The group are always interested to hear from people who have lived in the area, have relatives living in the area or have something to tell us about or village. We are always pleased to hear from everyone.

Below are a selection of the some of the questions and observations people who browse our website contact us with.

Can any of our readers help answer some of these questions? Are there more connections to be made? use our contact form on the About Us page if you feel you can help.

From Mavis Scott

Whilst writing I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed your website.  I spent all school holidays at my Grandparents house (Mark & Lucy Dawson) in The Avenue and believe I met Billy Etherington as my grandad was also a postman after retiring from the pit (did Billy take pictures for the Northern Echo?).  I am also wondering if the Sarah Smith of Cornforth Lane who was buried under the 1880 amendment following typhoid is my great grandmother.  The age is correct as is the address.  I also know she died between the 1901 and 1911 census, if so you may have helped me with my family research particularly if you know where she is buried.

From John Cole, Aberdeen

My Great Grandfather William Raine was born on the 7th Jan 1864 at the Tursdale Colliery Hotel, Cornforth, fathers name given as George Raine occupation Victualler. Was wondering if any information held on this hotel within the Coxhoe Local History Group records

From Cathleen Roberts

I have only stayed in Coxhoe as a visitor but many of my ancestors lived there My grandfather Charlie Booth worked at the goods station. His father John Booth was a tailor and his father Thomas Castling owned a brick yard and had a farm. His grave is in Coxhoe church yard. My mother 1916-2009 went to the Grammar school in Spennymoor but left when she was 16 as her father could not afford to keep all his four children there.She worked in the post office for Tom Robinson until she married and occasionally during the war as a relief.One of her uncles owned a bakery in Church street. His name was Thomas Husband Booth. He died in 1927. Her sister Margaret lived in Coxhoe until her early death in1967. Her family were all Primitive Methodists and her oldest uncle became a minister.He saved up money for the course by cleaning the earth toilets call a midnight mechanic.I went to the church many times as a child I was born in1940.I remember Mrs Olive Dinning ran the Sunday School.It has been really interesting reading you site.If I can contribute anything I would be pleased to do so. I will keep on looking to see if you have any more information.

From Sally Popplestone

Firstly, thank-you for a brilliant website, it has helped me a lot in my family history research!
I hope you don\'t mind my contacting you a question- My 2x great Grandmother was called Sarah, the second wife of Edward Collingwood, and sister of William Cowburn, both gentlemen mentioned on your website in connection with the Coxhoe Co-op etc. I was intrigued to see that you refer to a will left by William Cowburn. I would be really grateful if someone could let me know where this will is deposited, as I am desperate to buy a copy!
Thank-you so much for your time

From Janet Brereton

Congratulations on this informative site of Coxhoe. I am of course trying to complete a family tree of my husband, whose family come from Cassop, Quarrington Hill and Coxhoe. On the 1861 and 1871 Census, his g.g. grandmother (Mary Liddell)was an Inn keeper at the Railway Tavern with her   sons. John Liddell, her husband had died in 1860. A John Liddel (the name Liddle is often different spellings) in the Slaters Commercial Directory of Durham 1855 says he is the Inn keeper of the Turks Head, East Hetton.  I think he may be our John Liddell.  I thought this may be of interest to you.  I have often been to Coxhoe and I always presumed they ran the Railway Tavern on the Front Street.  It is now a nursery I believe. (painted pink!) Could you confirm this? On both Census it says the township of Coxhoe but the village of East Hetton.  I look forward to reading more on your site and very well done, it\'s brilliant.  I wished I lived nearer!  P.S.The name Liddle, Liddel, Lidell is spelt many different ways.  Thank you.  Janet Brereton

From Alan Kingston

I am reserching my family history and having been told that my Great Grandfather , Mr Thomas Kingston, had been Postmaster at Coxhoe, I was very pleased to read your article, \"The history of the Post office\" by Barbara Leo. The article confirms that my Grandfather had been Postmaster. Following another lead I was able to find a photograph, taken outside Coxhoe Hall, of a presentation to Mr and Mrs T Kingston, dated 1913. Studying the picture, wondering about the identity of the other party members, I realised I had seen one of them on your history of Coxhoe Hall page. It was Mr Wood, son of the then owner of the Hall. Looking closely I see that the picture has been taken from the group photograph. I assume you already have a copy of this but if not I would be glad to pass a copy on via email. The following is the only other Coxhoe related Kingston history I have: Mr T Kingston was born in Yarm in 1845. He had three sons Joseph, Robert and Alfred William my Grandfather, born in 1868. He fought in the Boer War and was presented with a clock on his safe return to Coxhoe. He also worked for the postoffice. By WW1 he was living in Gateshead. Hope this is of  some interest to you. Finally, thank you for the interesting articles on your web site.  

Marie Head, Australia

Have just discovered your site. Am delighted as I have a Picken ancestor. He was William Picken [Gardener] He appears to have been resident at Coxhoe Hall from approx.1803 until his death 28th Feb 1830. Five of his children are born between 1803-1811.My Great Great Grandfather being Robert Picken  born 14th May 1805. Would love to know if William worked for the Hall & where he lived with his family. Am hoping I can fill in some gaps. Would be grateful for any information.

From Ray Smith

I liked the article on the Co-op.  My Grandad was James Edward Gordon Smith probably know as Gordon but its all a bit confusing. He worked at the Co-op for 50 years ( a lifer )and the dates also vague but it must have been late 1800\'s plus. He delivered things but not sure what else he did. He was A Quarrington man. If his name crops up would be very happy to hear from you. Thanks. Not sure if hes in the photos.
Thank you
Ray Smith
PS. my dad was Ray Smith who came down south to play for luton after playing for evenwood. He was a Carpenter in Quarrington.




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