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100 years since the start of the Great War will be remembered from August 4th this year 2014. Coxhoe History Group appeal for your help in collecting memories from the era in order to remember those from our village who served and to explore the effect it had on our village. Can you help with photos, letters or memorabilia? If so please use the "Contact us" facility on our "About Us" page if you are able to offer help.

Coxhoe In The Wars

During World War 1 Great Britain and the Empire mobilised 8.9 million men in the struggle against Germany and their invasion of France, Belgium and eastern Europe. Of those who took the Kings shilling and enlisted for the duration of the war, 908,000 were killed, 2 million were wounded and 191,000 were either taken prisoner or classed as missing.

Coxhoe men, along with every other community in the country did not shirk their sense of duty when it came to stepping forward to fight injustice and aid those less able. At the end of the war, Coxhoe like every other community in the nation paid the ultimate sacrifice. Mothers lost sons, sisters lost brothers, wives lost husbands and children lost fathers. Families were deprived of loved ones and the community lost a generation.

In keeping with every other community nationwide those who lost their lives in the Great War are remembered on the thousands of memorials, rolls of honour, plaques and many other symbols and artefacts that seek to honour those who died.

We could never begin to tell the stories of everyone who served and survived the horrors of war nor could we even scratch the surface of those who died, but we can through the memorials of the village and the resources available today paint a picture of some of the brave men of this village and surrounding district.

Coxhoe War Memorials

Coxhoe and District War Memorial

Coxhoe War Memorial

Perhaps the most familiar of all the village war memorials is the one that is most visible. Situated in the centre of the village, in front of the village hall, the memorial is inscribed with the names of 97 men who served and died in the Great War of 1914 -1918 and 28 names of the men who served and died during World War 2, from 1939 -1945.  Erected in 1922 at a cost of £125 the memorial was unveiled by 19/833 Sergeant William Wilson DCM & Bar who served with the 19th (Service) Battalion of the Durham Light Infantry during World War 1 having distinguished himself on 2 occasions through his bravery and devotion to duty. Of the 25,000 soldiers awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal during World War 1, only 490 soldiers received the double award, Sergeant Wilson amongst them. Sergeant Wilson DCM and Bar was a native of Coxhoe.

William Wilson

19/833 Sergeant William Wilson, DCM & Bar. Durham Light Infantry

Made from granite the memorial shield is set in a wall of coarse stone which measures almost 7 feet in height and just over 5 feet wide. Originally set within the wall of the Village Hall, the memorial was later moved to its current location within the small memorial park.

It is worthy of note that the villages of Cornforth, Kelloe, Tursdale and Bowburn also list names of men who appear on the Coxhoe and District War Memorial.

St Marys Church

St Marys Church War Memorial

The War memorial within St Marys Church is situated beneath the west window and lists 86 men who died during World War 1. Made of brass and mounted on an oak board the memorial was dedicated in 1920 by Bishop Moule, Bishop of Durham. Officers and Non commissioned officers are at the top of the board with private soldiers beneath.
The altar window inside St Mary’s depicts the ultimate sacrifice with a  soldier at the feet of Christ on the cross. The other windows depict the Crosses of St George and St Cuthbert. The window was paid for through public subscription and dedicated by Bishop Moule in 1920 at the time of the decication of the War Memorial.

St Marys Altar Window

The Altar Window

St Marys Have Completed Many Acts Of Rememberance

Other acts of remembrance within St Mary’s Church include:-

A Prie Dieu, or prayer desk which is usually used for private prayer is dedicated to the memory of Private 6727 William Ogle Reed of 5th Seaforth Highlanders. William Ogle Reed who resided in Blackgate, Coxhoe was killed in action on 13 November 1916, during the final days of the Battle of The Somme and is interred in Mailly Wood Cemetery, Mailly-Maillet , France.

Follow this link to find details of Private Reed.


William McIlwain resided in Co-operative Terrace Coxhoe and was employed as a Blacksmith. At the outbreak of WW1 he enlisted and joined the 1st Battalion of the Grenadier Guards and embarked for France on the 16th March 1915. William was killed in action on the 4th of June 1915 and is remembered on the Le Touret Memorial in northern France. St Marys Church holds a ewer (jug) in remembrance of William Mcilwain.

Follow this link to find details of Private McIlwain.


A vase in the church serves as a reminder to the most senior serviceman to die during the conflict. Lieutenant William James Ramsay of the Royal Flying Corps, resided in West Hetton Lodge, Coxhoe. Lt WJ Ramsay was killed in a crash on 27 March 1918. He was in RE8 B5114 of 52 Sqn when it got into a side slip after take off and crashed in flames. He was the observer and the pilot was 2 Lt RD Turnell, who was also killed. They were heading out on a bombing operation, in all likelihood on the Somme bridges, as the unit had been doing this and contact work in the days preceding. The unit had moved four times in the previous week and crews that day were taking off from yet another new airfield, at Abbeville, in circumstances of the direst emergency.

 Lt Ramsay lies at rest in St Pierre Cemetery, Amiens, France

Follow this link to find details of Lieutenant Ramsay.


William David Carr of Cornforth Lane was the second son of William Carr a local butcher. He joined the 13th Battalion of the Gloucestershire Regiment and died in September 1918 during the last weeks of the war as the Allied Forces pushed the German Army back towards the River Rhine. William Carr is remembered in St Marys Church with a wardens staff mounted with the Cross of St Cuthbert.

Follow this link to find details of Private Carr.


Coxhoe Primary School

Coxhoe Primary School Memorial

Cornforth Lane School (now Coxhoe Primary School) opened it’s doors to pupils in May 1909 only 5 years before the start of the Great War. Accepting pupils from neighbouring villages as well as Coxhoe, by the end of the war a number of former pupils had fallen.

The plaque was paid for by private subscription from former pupils and staff the school and is made of brass and Oak. The names of 22 former pupils are inscribed on the plaque.

Coxhoe School

Cornforth Lane School 1909

The Ultimate Sacrifice



Date Died

Home Address

Ainsley. Thomas

3 East Yorkshire


Long Row, Coxhoe

Ayton. William H.

22 Durham Light Inf.


Coronation Terrace, Coxhoe

Bartlett. Charles

1/5 Durham Light Inf.


Long Row, Coxhoe

Barker. Robert.H

2 Durham Light Inf.


Front Street, Coxhoe

Bell. George H.

22 Durham Light Inf.


West Terrace, Coxhoe

Bell. W

Details unknown


Any Details Please Contact Us

Bell. William H.

3 Worcestershire Regt.


Church Street, Coxhoe

Bowes. Ralph

1/3 Dur. Fort Coy. R.E


10,Blackgate, Coxhoe

Brandon. Thomas

22 Durham Light Inf.


Coronation Terrace, Coxhoe

Brown. Norman

1/5 Durham Light Inf


Tursdale House, Coxhoe

Burke. John

1/5 Durham Light Inf


Front Street, Coxhoe

Burnell. James

8 N/land Fus.


Front Street, Coxhoe

Carr. Anthony

13 Durham Light Inf.


Long Row, Coxhoe

Carr. William

13 Gloucestershire Reg



Chisholm. Thomas P

7 N/land Fus.


Dundee House, Cornforth Lane.

Cranson. James

8 Yorkshire Regt.



Crookes. Jos. Ed.

6 East Kent Reg.


Front Street, Coxhoe

Crosby. Thomas

15 Durham Light Inf.


Cornforth Lane, Coxhoe

Davies. Horace

8 N/land Fus.


Bowburn Cottage, Coxhoe

Duignan. Philip

24 N/land Fus. T.Irish


Born Coxhoe Pottery

Dobinson. Robert H

9 Yorkshire Regt.


Long Row, Coxhoe

Earls. John J

1/5 Durham Light Inf.


Copes Buildings, Coxhoe

Earls. William

4 Yorkshire Regt.


Copes Buildings, Coxhoe

Edmonson. John R.

1 N/land Fus.


Foundry Row, Coxhoe

Fenton. Thomas

2 K.O.S.B.


Church Street, Coxhoe

Ferguson. Thomas

3/5 Lancashire Fus.


Co-operative Terr. Coxhoe

Forster. John G

5 Yorkshire Regiment


Front Row, Coxhoe

Garnett. Wilfred J

8 East Yorkshire Reg.


Front Street, Coxhoe

Glendinning. William

22 Durham Light Inf.


Co-operative Terr. Coxhoe

Gower. William

Royal Navy


Basic House, Coxhoe

Graham. Thomas

2 South Staffs Regt.


Front Street, Coxhoe

Grint. Fred

22 Durham Light Inf.


Cornforth Lane, Coxhoe

Grint. Robert

15 Durham Light Inf.


Cornforth Lane, Coxhoe

Hall. Thomas G

8 Durham Light Inf


Clarence Villa, Coxhoe

Hallimand. John T

1/5 Durham Light Inf


Back Dale St. W. Cornforth

Hargreaves. Thomas W

25 N/land Fus. T. Irish


Front Street, Coxhoe

Harker. F E

Details Unkown


Any Details Please Contact Us

Heron. John H

1/5 Durham Light Inf.



Hedley. Thomas

10 Yorkshire regt.


Gladstone Terr. Coxhoe

Hillarby. Alfred

11 Royal Fusiliers


Basic Cottages, Coxhoe

Hobson. Robert W

18 K.R.R. Corps


Vicarage Terr. Coxhoe

Hodgson. George J.

16 Durham Light Inf.


Church Street, Coxhoe

Hopper. James

1/5 Durham Light Inf.


Victoria Terrace. Coxhoe

Hunter. Henry

22 Durham Light Inf.


Heugh Hall

Hutchinson. John

14 Durham Light Inf.


Stable Row, Cassop

Iseton. Albert E

22 Durham Light Inf.


Blackgate, Coxhoe

Jamieson. Alexander

1 Cameron Highlanders


Blackgate, Coxhoe

Jenkin. John

13 Liverpool Regiment


Born Coxhoe Bridge

Johnson. Allan

13 Durham Light Inf.


Prospect House, Coxhoe

Johnson. Joseph E

2 Royal Fusiliers


Coke Oven, Coxhoe

Keith. George      MM

Royal Field Artillery


Church Street, Coxhoe

Kirton. George

1/5 K.O.R Lancasters


Joint Stock Cottages, Coxhoe

Kitchingman. Parker

1/5 Durham Light Inf.


Joint Stock Cottages, Coxhoe

Langhorn. Sidney

1/5 Durham Light Inf.



Layton. John R

2 Machine Gun Corps



Lenney. Thomas M

2 Durham Light Inf.


Cornforth Lane, Coxhoe

Liddle. John

1/5 Durham Light Inf.


Prospect Place, Coxhoe

Lindsay. Robert W.

1 Loyal Nth. Lancs


Wylam Terrace, Coxhoe

McCallum. Alexander

2 Border Reg.

22.2 1916

Cow Close, Coxhoe

McIlwain. William

1 Grenadier Guards



McPherson. George

15 Durham Light Inf.



Moyle. Thomas H

14 Durham Light Inf.



Murray. Thomas

11Durham Light Inf


West Cornforth

Neasham. James

88 Training Reserve


Thrislington Hall Farm.

Newby. Frank

2 Durham Light Inf


Cassop Colliery

Ogden. Thomas

6 Yorkshire Reg.



Ord. John Intin

447 Coy R.E.


Blackgate, Coxhoe

Parkin. Aaron

13 Gloucestershire Reg


Longstaffs Buildings, Coxhoe

Payton. Patrick

24 N/land Fus. T. Irish



Peart. Joseph V   MM

1/3 Durham Light Inf.


Gladstone Terrace, Coxhoe

Phillips. Charles

29 Machine Gun Corps



Ramsay. William J

52 Sqd R.F.C


West Hetton Lodge, Coxhoe

Redden. John

6m K.O.Y.L.I.


Long Row, Coxhoe

Reed. William

5 Seaforth Highlanders


Blackgate, Coxhoe

Robinson. George

1 West Yorkshire Reg.


Cow Close, Coxhoe

Rowcroft. William

8 East Yorkshire Reg


Co-operative Terrace, Coxhoe

Roxby. Thomas H

6 Wiltshire Reg.


Front Street, Coxhoe

Salisbury. Walter

5/6 Royal Scots


Oddfellows Arms, Coxhoe

Scott. John A

17 N/land Fusiliers


Pond Street, Shincliffe

Seaton. Robert

Royal Garrison Artillery


Quarrington Hill

Seeber. Martin J

22 Durham Light Inf.


West Parade, Coxhoe

Singleton. Edward

10 Durham Light Inf


Co-operative Terrace, Coxhoe

Stephenson. Fred

1/5 Durham Light Inf.


Durham Road, Bowburn

Thompson. Thomas

6th Yorkshire Reg.


Long Row, Coxhoe

Thubron. Robert

8 East Yorkshire Reg


Oxclose, Coxhoe

Turner. Arthur

1/5 Durham Light Inf.



Turnbull. Charles T

Machine Gun Corps


East House Farm, Coxhoe

Walker. William

20 K.R.R.Corps


Reading Room St. Q.Hill

Watson. Thomas

1/5 Durham Light Inf.


East Hetton Colliery,Kelloe

West. Anthony

1/9 Durham Light Inf.


St Helens, Kelloe

White. Charles G

Royal Field Artillery



Wilby. John B

11 Royal Fusiliers


Cornforth Lane, Coxhoe

Wilby. William

14 Durham Light Inf


Cornforth Lane, Coxhoe

Williams. Edward B B

1/8 Durham Light Inf


Grange Iron Works, Belmont

Winwood. Joseph

Royal Field Artillery


Heugh Hall Row, Old Quarrington

Woodward. Frederick

20 Durham Light Inf.


Coxhoe Square

Young. James      MM

8 East Yorkshire Reg


Gladstone Terrace, Coxhoe

All hyperlinks will take you to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Web pages and the details of each soldier.

All hyperlinks have been corroborated against Soldiers Died in the Great War to verify the correct soldier.

William Wilson Citation


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